Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed information. To place your order, choose the specification you want and enter the quantity, color and click ‘Add to cart, then go to cart for checkout’.
Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity Type etc. Before clicking “Checkout”, please check your Order Details carefully. If you want to add a new Delivery Address, click ” Add a new address”. If you want to edit a current Delivery Address, click ‘Edit this address’. After confirming your Order, you will be automatically taken to the Payment page.

The payment method accepted is through cash transfer, cash on delivery and payfast method.

You can read our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy that’s states about our confidentiality with our clients information.

It is a rare issue, but if customer feels there is a price error, please contact us at to confirm or log a query and we will get back to you.

Yes we do ship internationally at a delivery fee. Please contact us at for more information.

Go to tracking order option, type your order number and email address used for checkout .